Software-defined networking

​​Software-defined networking is set to change networks for good. Local area networks, wide area networks, data centre networks, and service provider networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable, and automated. In time, they’ll be centrally controlled through software and no longer manually configured at the device level. Networking devices are themselves changing to be an active element of this software based environment.
The potential implications – and benefits – of this for your business are considerable. But every user organisation is unique and, to a certain extent, so is every network. Dimension Data can help you understand the developments of software-defined networking within the context of your business objectives, and map the best way forward.​ ​


  • Achieving a flexible, programmable and cost-effective network with SDN



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A well-implemented software-defined networking strategy will help your organisation in the following areas:​​

  • data centre: to manage the high degree of change necessary on the network to support virtual workloads, reduce the complexity of the network in the data centre, and allow for automation and orchestration of network configurations
  • campus network: to provide context-based unified wired and wireless access for improved management of the connected users and an improved security posture
  • wide area network: to provide dynamic virtual private network connections on demand, which could be used for a variety of purposes, including a cloud connector that dynamically connects to a cloud provider on demand
  • custom routing on business requirements: for example, secure versus non-secure route, based on the type of business traffic that flows over the network
  • improved access to data created by the network: for example, network usage information could be more easily extracted for charge-back purposes, or real-time performance metrics could be made available to business applications to enable faster transaction processing times​​​


Readiness self-assessment


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​​How prepared is your organisation to adapt to software-defined networking?​​

Answer the 12 questions of our readiness self-assessment to find out​​​​

What we offer


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​​Dimension Data has leading capabilities in software-defined networking. We can help you take the first step
 in your journey by offering the following:​​​

The Software-defined Networking Development Model​ – This globally available consulting service helps you understand what software-defined networking is, the implications for your business, and plan a route forward for your organisation.
​​ ​
​​Extensive networking and software networking capabilities and skills – We have more than 30 year heritage in networking.
Improved network operations – We bring you leading managed and IT outsourcing capabilities to deliver many of the benefits of software-defined networking cost effectively.

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Case studies


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​World’s first Cloud-enabled G20 Leaders’ Summit
    Dimension Data was awarded the contract to deliver and support the G20 network and desktop environment, known as G-Net. The overarching goal was for technology to be an enabler to the event: flawless connectivity and virtual desktop experience for media and delegates was fundamental to the event’s success.​

Why work with Dimension Data?


30-year heritage in networking​
Global footprint: 58 countries
Multi-vendor, including Cisco, F5, Riverbed, and Infoblox​​
Support over USD 15 billion in network assets
More than 6,000 clients served by 6 Global Service Centres​