Customer Service Director

Thanks to new mobile technologies, social media, and an ever-growing product portfolio, your business must constantly transform the way it serves customers. The aim is to keep delivering a great experience at each touchpoint and to drive more revenue. 

As a Customer Service Director, you're responsible for maintaining the performance of your division and improving the consistency and quality of its services ... but doing so at lower cost. You're concerned about: 

  • the effective retention, use, development and growth of skills
  • knowledge management, training and workforce management
  • the convergence of physical, digital and contact centre channels
  • building ever-greater confidence in your organisation's brand
  • the evolution of your operating model, sourcing strategies, and self-service versus human interaction
  • leveraging 'big data' across the digital, physical and contact centre environments to improve customer experience, retention and revenue growth





  • Contact centres - go digital, or die

    Customers are leading the digital revolution - are you prepared?


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