2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Do you know what the biggest threat to your organisation’s security is? We do.

There has been significant industry focus on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s). These threats target the organisations crown jewels and even the most sophisticated security vendors struggle to detect advanced attacks in progress. However, APTs aren’t the only attacks posing a threat. The data in the Global Threat Intelligence Report demonstrates that many organisations are still not effectively defending against a less advanced tier of threats, including scanning tools, spear phishing and exploit kits.

Learn more about the latest security threats, and recommendations for protecting your business.


 Security Officer

​​​As a Security Officer, your role is becoming increasingly strategic to business because a security breach could have devastating consequences. Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated almost daily. Cybercriminals are highly tech-savvy.  Meanwhile, in response to the widespread perception that poor governance contributed to the worldwide financial crisis, governments now place a higher burden on businesses to demonstrate sound governance, risk and compliance practices. 
Your challenges include: 
  • increases in white-collar crime rates − including cybercrime, information and identity theft
  • the increasing sophistication and criminal use of malware
  • concerns about data loss/leakage
  • demands from clients and governments that personally identifiable information be better protected
  • the growing use of inexpensive, highly mobile consumer-owned (and usually less secure) hardware and software within the enterprise
  • the impact of budget constraints and a security skills shortage





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