Natural Resources

Organisations in the natural resources sector experience the same challenges as all businesses, yet fluctuations in currencies, resource prices, and demand make for a more volatile environment.

You depend on people with highly specialised skills to be available when you most need their expertise – wherever they are in the world.

In addition, you're compelled to improve your corporate profile, adding value to the countries in which you operate.Small inefficiencies can have a big impact … and breaches of occupational health and safety, risk, or environmental compliance and procedures come at a high cost.

How are your IT systems contributing to your organisation's cost management, collaboration, employee safety, and sustainability?




Dimension Data understands the challenges faced by businesses operating in the natural resources sector. We've developed a model that addresses your activities and needs at each stage of the value chain, from exploration to rehabilitation.

Whether you're operating in metals and minerals, oil and gas, or forestry and paper, we'll work with you to:

  • determine drivers for improving operations
  • create an environment in which people are able to work effectively
  • enable, measure and report on sustainability
  • support your commercial ambitions

With our global reach and years of experience, we're able to plan and build solutions for your entire journey – and offer continuous improvement and innovation along the way.




Business Issues and Challenges


Organisations in the natural resources industry need to keep a tight rein on operating expenses and capital investment.

Skilled employees may be in locations where technology is limited, leading to difficulties in collaboration and access to expertise when it's most needed.

Safer working conditions, social upliftment and environmental management are very real issues, with complex auditing and reporting processes. 

Dimension Data's offerings address these challenges with solutions that include:

  • converged networking:  including the move to mechanised operations techniques
  • information integration in safety and security systems
  • private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for industrial applications, enterprise resource planning and other commercial applications
  • a mobility framework that includes security, governance, and user adoption
  • collaboration tools that cross geographical boundaries
  • sustainable solutions that measurably reduce travel, energy and waste  
Skills and Expertise


We have a wealth of knowledge and extensive global experience in delivering fit-for-purpose business solutions for organisations in the natural resources industry.

Some examples of where we've helped our clients to improve and leverage their IT investments include the following:

  • Dimension Data's Consulting Services helped a major energy supplier optimise and future-proof its data centre.
  • We crafted a customisable and scalable solution for a diamond mining company that automated a number of routine and resource-draining operational activities.
  • A major platinum mining company tactically leveraged its relationship with Microsoft through a cost effective Hyper-V deployment, making excellent use of Dimension Data's expertise in virtualisation technologies to boost its capacity and availability.
  • A global energy company approached Dimension Data to conduct a pilot of Microsoft® Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 to help over 80,000 employees communicate and collaborate more effectively.


Industry Framework


Dimension Data will work with you to develop solutions that will have the most impact and deliver the best returns for your business. We consult with you to determine your needs in four delivery contexts, according to the framework of your operations.

Operational context
We assist you with the intelligent deployment of ICT tools that are designed to deliver cost optimisation, drive down the total cost of ownership, and simplify your environment: from data, to physical assets, to applications.

Commercial context
Our solutions enable integrated information across applications. We're also able to introduce thinner operating models with our specific cloud expertise. If you're looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency in portions or complete silos of your IT estate, we offer a number of managed services and outsourcing solutions.

People at work context
We'll work with you to overcome physical and technological barriers to deliver real time, contextualised communication and collaboration solutions for your skilled employees. We deploy the right solutions to enable seamless interactions over IP or mobile networks so that your teams can collaborate effectively, without putting your organisation at risk.

Sustainability context
Our sustainability strategy is to use IT solutions to measurably reduce travel, energy and waste for our clients. Our sustainable solutions provide both innovation and tangible economic and social sustainability benefits – helping deliver results to your triple bottom line. We'll also help you manage governance and compliance issues more efficiently, including complex auditing, reporting and collaboration requirements. We can also help you create a workplace that takes a proactive approach towards safety.

We've developed a framework that addresses all these activities and helps us to determine what your needs are in each of these four contexts, and to work with you to identify the right solutions.

Metals & Minerals Framework



 Oil & Gas Framework