Advanced Infrastructure (AI)

In today’s world, we are forever demanding more from the technology we find available to us. This demand is why the world’s leading building service and technology companies will continue to innovate and explore new systems and new designs to improve our homes, our places of work, our cities and ultimately, our world.
Systems and technologies, however, are merely an enabler to create a solution or to help achieve an objective. Once you have the right solution fit for your business you need an established and proven systems integration company to manage your installation process through six critical phases.

 Plan, Build, Support, Manage, Improve and Innovate.

AI has continually adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients but our focus has remained the same: client-centred innovation. We work closely, as part of our clients’ teams, to ensure we create the best-fit solution to meet their needs, not only for today but for the 25-year lifecycle of their buildings. Ultimately, the power of what we do positively impacts our clients’ ability to deliver to their customers. We measure our success by their successes.


Our solutions and services

 Our solutions and services


Communications Cabling

The environment has changed – Communications Cabling not only provides the physical connectivity for IT networks, it forms the base connectivity infrastructure for a converged real estate (Smart Building). We have a proven track record of engineering communication cabling solutions that support your organisation’s mission-critical networks and business requirements for your current and future needs.



Data Centre Infrastructure

The pressure on data centre environments is increasing – becoming both more critical and complex around efficiency, availability and capacity. With new technologies and standards, requirements are constantly changing for seamless scalability, temperature control, uninterrupted power supply, capacity management and visibility. We have more than 15 years of experience in consulting, building and managing Data Centre Infrastructure solutions.



Integrated Security Solutions

Keeping your organisation’s assets and people safe and ensuring an environment conducive to employee satisfaction is critical for your organisation’s success. We provide integrated security solutions for digital video surveillance and access control. We have the know-how to design, deploy and integrate your IP network with your physical and network security, so that your systems can work seamlessly with each other, providing a fully integrated environment to effectively manage and protect your employees, visitors and assets.



Fibre Solutions

By analysing your communication and connectivity needs, we can design an efficient backbone or metro network utilising the appropriate technology. Our experience in Optical Solutions dates back to the inception of mobile networks in 1993. With the accelerated demand in high speed and bandwidth, we are working towards being an industry leader in bringing best of breed solutions to the market place



Site Builds

Site Build Solutions include civil works, towers and masts, generators, site fencing, fully-fitted equipment shelters, site electrification and rectifier systems, supply chain management, project management, maintenance, and support. With a track record of having built over 15 000 base transceiver sites in 27 countries since 1993, we are a leader in the field of end-to-end site build services.




We offer end-to-end wireless solutions inclusive of site surveys, RF planning, transmission planning, network and system design, supply chain management, project management, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and support. We also provide access applications for triple-play services that include high-speed data, toll quality voice, and multimedia services in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.


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Managed Services

All our solutions are underpinned by our Managed Services offering. These services can be tailored to meet our clients’ requirements, whether the need is for a single component of the service on offer or a full end-to-end solution. Our established relationships with reliable vendors and contractors, coupled with our proven project management capabilities, enable the successful delivery of communications infrastructure solutions across multiple technology platforms.


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