From CaaS to IaaS

As of May 2015, Dimension Data has adopted new terminology in connection with its cloud services. We now use the term “Infrastructure as a Service” or “IaaS” where we previously referred to “Compute as a Service” or “CaaS”. All references to “Compute as a Service” and “CaaS” in existing documentation should now be read as references to “Infrastructure as a Service” and “IaaS”. Similarly, where we now use the terms “Infrastructure as a Service” and “IaaS”, we intend to make reference to the services previously referred to as “Compute as a Service” and “CaaS”. This change in terminology does not affect the nature of our services nor any of your rights and obligations under agreements you have with us. For example, if you currently buy the “Public CaaS” service from us, we will continue to deliver that service under its new name, “Public IaaS”.



 Dimension Data Cloud Terms of Service