Serving your specific needs

​​To thrive as a digital business, you need the flexibility to adapt to changes and stay ahead of the curve. But no two organisations’ technology journeys are the same. The services you need may change over time, or may vary across different areas of your environment.

We offer a complete spectrum of services delivered through a single, standard global framework, using world-class expertise, whether delivered on premise, ‘as-as-service’ via cloud or hosted models, or through a hybrid approach.

We help you optimise your current environment, making it more cost-effective and efficient, while allowing you to innovate and exploit new opportunities with agility.​​​​​​​

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Services are increasingly critical


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​​Services are increasingly critical

in the digital world


Remote network monitoring and automated management reduce the time to troubleshoot faulty devices by a massive 75%, and repair time by 32% -Network Barometer Report 2015, Dimension Data

​​IT staff has little time to allocate towards innovation because of the time spent on monitoring and provisioning in particular – IDC


25% of IT staff time can be saved across all categories of activity as a direct result of integrated service management – IDC

​​Only 21% of staff time allocation is available for innovation and new projects – IDC​


We understand your challenges


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​​We understand the challenges

of managing IT for business value​

Provide stability
Maintain 100% availability of crucial infrastructure

​​Continuously optimising
Ensure the smooth, effective running of day-to-day operations

​​Increase agility and business responsiveness
Change and adapt to the rapid evolution of business requirements

​Drive business innovation and experimentation
Take the lead in finding smarter, better ways of serving customers​​

The great ones


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​​Meet the great ones

Those who believed they could​​​

Watch how our planning, consulting, and collaboration helped World Wildlife Fund create a sustainable workspace for the future

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​​Watch how we helped to realise the world’s first cloud-enabled G20 Leaders’ Summit

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​Read how our services helped Unilever towards its goals to double the size of its business in 5 years while reducing environmental impact




How we can help


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Services at every stage

of your technology journey

Our services span across...

 Why Dimension Data?

​​Broad capability
Leverage capability across our end-to-end services portfolio and extended partner ecosystem

Delivery excellence
24x7 global operations through 3-tier delivery model provides single point of ownership​

​​Global expertise​
Multivendor field support across 172 countries – more than 30,000 certifications across 36 technology vendors​​​

​​Cloud options
Public, private and hybrid cloud, optimised and secured for business workloads​​​​


Let’s talk about how services

will accelerate your digital business​​​



​​Unleash the power of data with digital infrastructure


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​​​Respond smarter and faster with hybrid cloud​​​


Find out how​​​​

Evolve your customer and employee experience with workspaces for tomorrow

Find out how​​​​

Risk less, achieve more with cybersecurity


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