Connecting an iconic race to the world

The annual eight-day Absa Cape Epic is the ultimate proving ground of human and machine. Unforgiving conditions make this multistage mountain-bike race a physical, mental and emotional challenge like no other. We support these brave cyclists by connecting the race to the world in a fast, reliable and data-rich manner. We also cosponsor a team, helping them develop their careers in this competitive sport, while NTT sponsors the Masters category, in which many former pro riders compete.

Supporting grassroots development

The power of sport

Inspired by the challenges faced by the riders, we are committed to driving sustainable change by giving back to our partners and society. We use the power of sport to educate, inspire and mobilize young people.

The next generation of champion riders

With the BMT Fairtree Academy, we sponsor the BMT Fairtree racing team, helping upcoming cyclists from disadvantaged backgrounds to train for and compete in the Absa Cape Epic.

Our riders, Thembela second from left and Atlahang far right for 2023.
Our riders, Thembela second from left and Atlahang far right for 2023

The power of connectivity

Reliable infrastructure for a one-of-a-kind race

Making the connection

We give race organizers a connectivity solution that connects riders, UCI officials, the venue operating center, organizers, caterers, medical personnel and the media with each other and the rest of the world.

Demanding conditions

Our solution is secure, works in all weather conditions, and offers enough bandwidth to livestream the event.

Read more in our full Absa Cape Epic case study.

mountain-bike riders racing with helicopter in background

See how our technology enables some of the world’s largest sport events

Tour de France

Edge computing, IoT and a revolutionary fan experience come together at the Tour de France.

Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

We provide the connectivity that links the preparation for and management of Kenya’s largest single-day sports event.

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Network as a Service

Intelligent and secure, Network as a Service gives you greater flexibility, scalability, automation, predictability and control.


Global scale and expertise

We offer breadth and depth in our capacity to innovate and our range of specialist experience.

Platforms and partnerships

We use the latest technology platforms and work with respected technology partners such as Cisco and Microsoft.

Offered as a service

We're a reliable partner for network, multicloud or edge as a service, and for software-defined infrastructure services.

Always-on support

We support our clients from design to day-to-day management, helping them achieve their goals.

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