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As a business decision-maker in a world that's moving to enterprise mobility and flexible work styles, you want to leverage the opportunity to run more flexible teams. You realise your office space can be used more efficiently by offering a good mix of private areas and collaborative spaces to support work activities that require concentration or collaboration.

You also need your productivity tools to better support flexible working by being easier to access. The effect will be better collaboration and improved productivity among your employees. But you need a more comprehensive, focused strategy to develop and implement workspaces for tomorrow in your business. Where do you start the journey?




​​Dimension Data will help you build a roadmap to success through a consultative engagement. This will improve your understanding of your organisation’s current maturity in relation to workspaces for tomorrow; determine your required future state; and, most importantly, create a roadmap to get there.

We currently have the ability to deploy the relevant workspaces for tomorrow technologies through solutions from all our Business Units, and with the support from our Service Units and our effective partnerships.

We’re also evolving our end-user computing platform, which will be the foundation or pivot of workspaces for tomorrow. It will allow us to enable a client project very rapidly. By combining our end-user computing platform and our Business Unit solutions, we’ll have an overall solution architecture to deliver successful workspaces for tomorrow implementations to your business.​




 ​​A successful workspaces for tomorrow implementation can bring the following benefits to your organisation

a reduction in the physical office space you require, which lowers cost
​better utilisation of your existing space, which also lowers costs
a better culture of collaboration, along with the tools to support it
​a better appointed, more flexible workspace, which leads to greater employee productivity, a more stable work-life balance, and better staff retention

​lower travel costs by offering the appropriate communication tools that drastically reduce the need to travel

​more efficient booking of meetings and meeting room usage practices
What we offer

 Our solutions and services related to workspaces for tomorrow include:

  • The End-user Computing Development Model : assesses your competence and capabilities against a set of operational and strategic criteria, and helps you create a roadmap to success
  • End-user computing : accelerate your journey towards creating a successful end-user computing environment
  • security: mitigate all security threats and meet compliance regulations
  • Unified communications and collaboration: all your communications, messaging, collaboration, audioconferencing, videoconferencing, and enterprise social media in a unified solution that works in your environment
  • networking: high-speed Wi-Fi, quality of voice and video, traffic analytics and algorithms for location
  • data centre: the ability to store, share, and sync data across devices at any location
  • sustainable solutions: effective energy usage, reduce travel costs, e-waste management
Why work with Dimension Data?


We have a direct presence in 58 countries and the ability to deliver in another 114 through our Preferred Partner Programme.
​We employ more than 2,600 engineers around the world.
Our global consulting methodology and delivery methodology, Primer, enables a disciplined, structured approach to consulting and professional services engagements.
We've delivered more than 100 Enterprise Mobility Development Model engagements across all regions, facilitated by 55 trained consultants.
We developed a sustainable solutions framework to align our solutions with key business issues for 92% of our global and international clients.
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