Hospitals should be more human

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The reach of ISPPC's human touch

Why make hospitals more human?

Patients are always the top priority

‘Technology has helped us a lot with patients’ well-being.’

Natalie Bortolotto - Director Heureux Séjour, ISPPC


Most appropriate and compassionate care



More individual treatment of patients



Various channels of communication



Effective with lower operational costs

Great technology, better healthcare

‘Technology allows us to strengthen healthcare services.’

Jean Pierre Binon - Director of ISPPC

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What a smart hospital solution looks like

An ecosystem of digital technologies

‘Technology boosts our ability to offer the most effective care.’

Dr Marc Vrankcx - Head of the ISPPC Emergency Department
Network security storage

Network, security, storage

Backbone of a hyperconnected hospital

Digital sign

Digital signage

Helps patients and staff navigate

Interactive content management

Interactive content management

Digital TV makes patients feel at home

Mobile device

Mobile device management

Keeps caregivers, patients, and doctors connected

Transforming patient care in a digital world with...

Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure

Recording patient, diagnosis, and test results data reliably and making it accessible.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure.

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Workspaces for tomorrow

Digital workplace

Blend of mobility, collaboration, and communication between health workers and patients.

Learn how you can embrace your employee workstyles with digital workplace.

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Hybrid cloud

Customer experience

Integrated contact centre makes appointment booking convenient, seamless.

Learn how to create valuable relationships with customer experience.

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Cyber security


Shielding digital assets to ensure patient confidentiality and compliance.

Learn how your business can risk less and achieve more with cybersecurity.

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Technology helps to create the perfect human

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For patients

‘Long live technology!’

Caregiver satisfaction
Patient trust
Operational agility
Hospital operating costs

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For humanity

‘Technology makes us better humans.’

Patients and doctors connect across wider geographies

Here’s how Bairnsdale RHS did it in Australia

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More about creating ISPPC’s connected hospitals

Digital storage helps us simplify data processing

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ISPPC’s journey to become a smart hospital group

More about technology in healthcare

Understanding human experiences: the foundation of CX

The findings from this year’s Global CX Benchmarking Report reveal something of an artificial reality: a gap between CX ambitions and truly customer-focused change.

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Another revolution in patient care

5 new technologies that help make hospitals more human

The reality today is that 59% of healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations can track customer (read patient) journeys. Just 5% have all their patient contact channels connected (this will increase to 46% within the next two years).

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