Growing beyond academic excellence

Academic excellence is more than a part of this group’s strategy: it’s their ethos for building an organization with a reputation for making a difference to people’s lives. They want to reach as many individuals as possible with meaningful content that helps them build a strong base from which their school, tertiary or professional careers can flourish.

As the educational sector continues to grow, new entrants are finding innovative ways of connecting with potential students, offering compelling courses through distance learning and giving them access to the latest material through a variety of platforms. In this competitive landscape, ADvTECH’s long-term growth will be determined by the quality and usefulness of future offerings they make available to learners and educators. This is why, to make an impact as a progressive, relevant institution, the group places significant focus on using technology to broaden opportunities for learning.

“Thank you once again for your continued support and unfailing will to always help us out!”

Tertiary Service Delivery Manager

Connecting minds, connecting campuses

Apps, videos, online training and distance learning courses are just some of the innovations in education helping to increase access for students and enhance the way knowledge is shared. As the group’s approach to connecting students with knowledge has evolved, so have the Dimension Data connectivity and colocation services that have been making these tools come to life since 2006.

We’ve managed ADvTECHs’ entire network, starting with an MPLS solution and evolving to an internet-based network that offers them the capacity to connect globally. The group’s bandwidth requirements have increased dramatically over that time and is set to reach up to 20Gbps by 2020. The current Dimension Data network supports the group’s online learning management system and helps over 70,000 students across more than 130 individual campuses stay connected. We also provide a hosted PBX service for voice, which is easy to deploy at new campuses and negates the need for on-premises equipment, currently ADvTECH does 650,000 minutes per month.

In addition, we also provide email security services to all divisions.

The current Dimension Data network supports the group's online learning management system and helps over 70,000 students across more than 130 individual campuses stay connected.


Learning from a long-term partnership

Our relationship with ADvTECH has evolved alongside their own expansion and parallel advances in technology. Thanks to our more standardized technology strategy we can easily support the transition of new brands the group acquires.

What has remained constant, though, is our ability to understand and be responsive to their changing needs and continually realign our services in line with what they require. Regular meetings with service delivery managers and transparent communication ensures expectations are understood and managed.

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