Why Lindt needed to digitally transform its processes

An overly manual process was resulting in sales executives spending less time in the field, visiting their clients. The complex process left too much room for human error, and little visibility for management.

Time is money. Often businesses can’t afford the additional investment in time that overly complex manual systems require. This was a challenge that one of the world’s largest chocolate providers, Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spüngli AG (Lindt) was facing. Their manual processes saw sales executives spending less time in the field, visiting clients, and more time printing checklists and other documents needed for their store visits. This manual process often resulted in human error, time delays, and other inefficiencies.

Management had little visibility of their staff, and little proof of store visits.

Digitally transforming their processes meant that their sales executives could take their offices with them. They now have immediate access to the tools needed to do their job, making them more efficient.

"A premium chocolate brand and a premium technology partner, they are perfect partners."

Angelo Carambassis
Vice President Sales, Lindt

How a custom-developed app saved time and increased profits

Digitizing their complex manual process meant that Lindt’s sales executives were more efficient, leading to faster go-to-market implementation.

The application is GPS-stamped, giving management site of their sales executives’ trips and tasks for the day. It’s fully automated, saving them countless hours at the end of the day completing paperwork or tying up loose ends by email. Having a partner who understood their needs has seen Lindt’s sales team work more efficiently, resulting in happier staff, and more importantly happier clients.


What digital transformation meant to Lindt’s people

Digitizing the complex manual process for Lindt’s sales executives has cut down the amount of time spent on duplicated work processes. It gives Lindt’s people immediate access to the tools they need, making them more efficient.

The solution has given Lindt access to multiple benefits. The mobilization of a paper-based process allows for less wastage of resources, a decrease in human error through real-time automated processes, store visit verification, and accuracy of data and information. The decrease in workload means that Lindt’s employees are happier.

This enables sales executives to execute their jobs more efficiently, resulting in improved quality of work with a more seamless and faster go- to-market implementation of seasonal promotions and new products. For Lindt’s employees, their day ends when they leave their last store for the day, assured that everything entered onto their device is automatically collated and uploaded in real-time.

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