Scalability and flexibility

No two IT environments are exactly alike, and the cloud gives us the flexibility and scalability to tailor a solution specific to your needs, whether public, private or hybrid cloud.

Cloud first approach

We deliver instant entry into public, private or multi-cloud solutions without the cost or effort of infrastructure maintenance and support staff.

Beyond cloud

Along with the financial advantages, NTT offers around-the-clock support from teams of experts, enhanced security, industry-leading technologies, flexibility and more.

See the Connection – NTT and Renown Health

How did NTT help Renown Health reduce IT operations costs by 20% and infrastructure costs by 50%?

"NTT’s Managed Cloud Services allow us to ensure the utmost reliability within our private cloud environment, to meet all compliance requirements and ultimately, to positively impact our clinical patient care.”

VP & CIO, Renown Health


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