Transforming manufacturing through edge-to-cloud solutions, innovative technologies and agile innovation

Digital transformation in manufacturing by leveraging leading edge-to-cloud technologies and decisioning, real-time visual and intelligent analytics, industrial IoT, 5G networking and AI. The result is step function improvement in output, quality and reduction in costs.

The bar for a high-performing smart manufacturing organization has never been higher. Connecting people, places, machines and devices with these innovative technologies will also allow you to harness operational and business data for efficiency control and improved customer satisfaction.

See the connection – NTT and Cologne Bonn Airport

Boosting digital transformation with private 5G networking

We partnered with Cologne Bonn Airport to build one of the largest private 5G networks in Europe. Covering 1,000 hectares, the private 5G network significantly boosts the airport’s digital transformation strategy. 
see the connection – NTT and Hirschmann Automotive 

Reducing downtime and improving productivity

Hirschmann Automotive connects technicians at production facilities to experts across the globe.

Why NTT?

Sustainable solutions

Neural network to capture utility data (power usage to monitor environment). Carbon Footprint digitally tracking monitoring using sensors and imaging

Securing your operational technology

As Operational Technology (OT) merges with the corporate IT operations and infrastructure, new security challenges arise. We can ensure that security remains consistent across both environments using our secure by design approach.


Connect and automate existing devices and systems with IoT and P5G. Our AI automates inventory in manufacturing plan, simplifying tracking and accuracy.

Launched an industry first global private 5G solution

Industry’s first Private 5G networking platform that’s truly integrated to enterprise environments and consumed as a service.

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