15 October 2020

Orange partners with Dimension Data to strengthen regional gaming services with improved IT offering

Johannesburg - Orange International Carriers has signed a deal with one of Africa’s leading Internet Service Providers, Dimension Data, to supply IP Transit and DDoS in South Africa. This forms part of Dimension Data’s Strategy to provide their partners and customers with best quality, best latency Internet Service and additional resilience to their network, whilst being protected.

The partnership will enable Orange to provide improved quality and best latency for the gaming community in Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, Reunion Island, via its South African PoP. This is a significant change to internet service provisioning in Africa which is usually bought from Europe. There has been a significant improvement in the quality and latency of internet connectivity, which is crucial to improving the region’s online gaming experience. Orange remains committed to improving Internet Service quality to our customers and gaming customers in Africa.

Dimension Data already supplies gaming services to a large gaming community on the African continent and with this move, becomes the first local internet service provider (ISP) to purchase IP transit services from Orange in South Africa.

“Partnering with Orange to provide IP Transit and DDoS will allow us to continue adding value to our customers through our intelligent infrastructure offering,” says Setumo Mohapi, Chief Go to Market Officer, Dimension Data. “It is through this interconnectedness of systems, tools, processes, and people, that we enable organisations to achieve greater success using intelligent technology and services. This is the future of the business of technology.”

Orange continues to accelerate its Investment and development of connectivity on the African Continent, with IP PoPs in Lagos, Ghana, Abidjan, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and is also developing a new international infrastructure linking eight West African countries. Orange believes that its partners and customers are better served in Africa, for Africa.

Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers said: “The Orange partnership with Dimension Data will bring big improvements to our customer experience, especially in the African and Indian Ocean regions where there is a large number of gamers. Orange already has some of the world’s biggest gaming providers on its global network. Through this partnership, not only do we want to provide a better gaming experience, but we also hope to enhance the Orange reputation with the international gaming community.”

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