Procurement and logistics services

Expanding your business globally offers great advantages and opportunities. Yet, to remain competitive, functions like supply chain management must become more strategic than operational.

Can you effectively manage costs and risks in your global supply chain? Do you have visibility of the end-to-end process? Access to accurate reporting? Does your supply chain improve the bottom line ... and address sustainability issues such as carbon footprint?



Dimension Data's Global IT Procurement and Logistics Service simplifies this complex process, from quote to invoice, offering you:
  • a single point of contact and accountability 
  • an e-procurement portal that can be integrated with other systems 
  • one tracking system for monitoring and reporting 
  • advice, expertise and experience in global IT supply chain management 
  • relationships and service level agreements with IT vendors and carriers – globally

We provide many procurement services including an e-procurement portal which facilitates practices that improve productivity, operational efficiency and risk management.

Our e-procurement system, Direct, is deployed in over 40 countries and supports seven languages and multiple currencies.

We can integrate our quote-to-invoice e-procurement platform with our vendors' systems, all major enterprise resource planning and procurement systems, and your own in-house systems.

Our e-procurement solution allows you to:

  • connect with preferred manufacturers 
  • access tailored catalogues with prices that include negotiated discounts 
  • source technology and services 
  • obtain accurate quotes and procure IT equipment from multiple vendors, for any country or region 
  • manage the entire procurement process 
  • analyse spend on a global scale.

These services are flexible and you can configure the functions to meet your specific requirements.



Our logistics services facilitate the procurement of high-end IT equipment. From small volumes delivered just in time, to large international transactions, we deliver consistently across multiple geographies, multiple technologies, multiple currencies and multiple vendors.
​Our logistics services include: 
  • managing your entire order process, from quote to invoice
  • a tracking tool with real-time status information at every step of the process
  • advice on vendor fulfilment, and freight, VAT and duties costs
  • advice on global custom tax and import laws and requirements consolidating orders from different vendors and locations to reduce costs and travel, minimise packaging waste, and make tracking easier
  • consolidated invoicing: one invoice showing all costs (duty and tax charges).
  • managing complex situations such as reverse logistics




 Track, our tracking and asset management tool, gives you full visibility of your supply chain, from the point of order to final delivery.

​Track has the following features:
  • full business-to-business capabilities to enable integration with vendors and freight forwarders
  • real-time status information on sourcing, manufacturing and shipment, at serial number level 
  • electronic documentation that shows when the goods were delivered, and who signed for delivery. 




Why Dimension Data?


We understand the complexities and intricacies of international procurement and the unique laws, taxes and customs procedures involved in shipping IT equipment to countries all over the world.
Our global footprint and multinational capabilities enable us to deliver multi-vendor solutions in over 150 countries on five continents.
​We leverage our partner relationships to ensure that you receive the right technology, in the right place, at the right time and for the right price.
Our procurement and logistics systems offer real-time pricing and reporting information – at any time.
We provide 24x7x365 cross-border shipping and customs clearance support.