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Choose best of breed support


Buy best of breed

You buy best of breed technologies; so buy best of breed support as well.

Original equipment manufacturers are great at innovation, product design, and production. But support isn’t their core business.

Dimension Data is an IT services company. Services are our core business: consulting services, managed services, and support services. It’s what we’re best of breed in.

And what are you best of breed in? Understanding and improving your own business. Concentrating on the things that you do best, the things that only you can do.

Vendors aren’t best of breed for support, so using them can divert your precious internal resources onto low-value, routine support tasks, preventing you from focusing on what you’re best at.

Using vendors for support isn’t the smart choice

Think about what equipment manufacturers are good at. Inventing machines, adding features, developing the software they run on. They’re brilliant at innovation, but they aren’t really specialists in operational support.

Of course, they can offer support, but only for their own equipment. Supporting a company’s whole IT infrastructure simply isn’t what they do.

Their support strategy is really geared to leveraging the next sale. The length of time they support a product for is limited, and the reason for that is to drive you to upgrade to the latest model.

The equipment itself could keep going perfectly well long after the ‘end of support’ date. But it’s not in the interests of the manufacturer to support it any longer. They want you to upgrade to the next model.

If you’re interested in maximising the return on your existing investments, vendor support plans won’t allow you to sweat your assets. For that you need an independent support partner.

Independent support services are the smarter choice

For a company like Dimension Data, IT services are our core business.  So it’s only logical that the support we offer we will be superior to that of vendors for whom support is essentially a side line. While vendors have been investing in product innovation, we’ve been investing in our support capabilities.

Our service support platform is based on one of the world’s largest instances of ServiceNow, many other best-of-breed tools (often customised), and enhanced by decades of our experience encoded in our own IP.

We’ve invested in developing advanced integration and automation capabilities. These enable us to offer IT support services of superior quality, reliability, and speed – and at lower unit costs – than individual vendor support plans can provide.

We’ve embraced service automation fully: 65% of activities and 75% of events can be handled automatically, reducing error, improving outcomes, and lowering costs.

Our service support system is integrated with those of all our vendors for automatic exchange and enhancement of ticketing information, which can reduce MTTR by 27%.

Supporting over 5 million configuration items under 14,000 client contracts has given our platform economies of scale and efficiency that individual vendors cannot match.

Its size also generates large volumes of operational data which, through analytics, yield deep and rich insights to help us improve service for individual clients as well as evolve our service offerings in general.

We also invest massively in people and skills. We have over 20,000 people in our services organisation, with a direct presence in 58 countries and, though our partners, in over 120 countries.

We invest strongly too in skills development, especially in the skills required to support emerging technologies: programmable infrastructure, software defined networking, automation, cybersecurity, and the integrated support necessary for hybrid IT environments. 

Read more about choosing best of breed support

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