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Asia Pacific | India | Financial Services | Digital infrastructure

KSFE uses savings from digital transformation to reinvest in their customers

A cloud model and digital-ready network have improved customer experience and increased revenue growth for Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE).

Download this case study (pdf, 207.02KB)
Real-time Analytics


KSFE needed to ensure customers had a high availability of in-branch services across their 600 branches, so their 33,000 customers could transact without issues

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Tranforming IT


By outsourcing their network operational services and running key business applications in the cloud, KSFE has been able to accelerate their digital transformation

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Cloud Contact Centre


Cloud analytics allows KSFE to make real-time business decisions, and savings from the transformation project have been reinvested into the business

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Why KSFE needed to ensure faster and more reliable customer service

KSFE’s business is centered around its more than 33,000 customers – if customers are unable to transact at any of the company’s 600 branches, they lose revenue. The company needed to improve customers’ experience by ensuring high-availability of in-branch services.

With more than 6,400 employees, KSFE is a public sector nonbanking financial services company based in Kerala, India. The company’s main business is to manage chit funds. Customers make monthly contributions to their chitties and are then entitled to take a lump sum on a pre-determined auction date.

Business continuity is vital for the company. Network downtime results in reputational damage and severely impacts the customers’ experience. The company was using a decentralised, legacy system at branches. Reporting was done manually and sent to head office via email. This process was prone to human error, posed serious security risks, and delayed decision-making. Information had to be collated at head office to allow the executive team to get an overall view of the business landscape, which took up to five days.

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How cloud and outsourced network services enhanced KSFE’s digital strategy

By running its key business application in the cloud, KSFE has been able to create a competitive advantage and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Through this KSFE is ensuring that their infrastructure is digital-ready to deliver future growth by outsourcing their daily network operational services.

KSFE decided to centralise its banking by using a customised application, CABSA (Core Application Software for Business Accounting). To support the new application and to lay the foundation for its digital transformation journey and future growth, KSFE needed to build a greenfield data centre. The company turned to us for advice on the best approach for the data centre build.

To support the company’s digital transformation journey, and to enable significant capital cost savings, we suggested that KSFE migrates its CABSA application to our Managed Cloud Platform, located in India. A VPN over the Internet with selected users ensures that the application can be accessed securely from the cloud. Our managed network services team has taken over the daily management of KSFE’s network to ensure high availability and, most importantly, that it is ready to align with the company’s digital transformation strategy

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What a cloud model and a digital-ready network mean for KSFE

An improved customer experience ensured revenue growth for KSFE. Cloud analytics gives KSFE a holistic view of their business landscape enabling real-time decision-making. Savings from the transformation project have been reinvested into the business.

The technology transformation has ensured KSFE’s continued revenue growth. They enjoy high systems availability and customers walking into any of its branches are identified quickly and can complete transactions smoothly. They can now process up to 50 customer transactions an hour, up from sometimes only one before.

Through cloud data analytics and a central reporting function, KSFE has gained insight into their entire business landscape and can make real-time business decisions, improving the overall profitability of the company. An example is eliminating error prone human interventions when sending through daily reports on the current state of their cash balance.

The company is also enjoying savings from the consumption-based cloud model, as well as saving from not having to invest in a greenfield data centre. They now only have to pay for the services they use, and can reinvest the savings back into their business, ultimately improving customer service.

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