​​Climate change is one of the greatest threats we face. It transcends national boundaries and can affect us all in many different ways.  Information and communications technology can play a powerful role in tackling climate change and shaping the way we do business. We’ve committed to play a leading role in protecting our environment while maximising economic stability. 

Our aim is to create more sustainable ways of doing business. We seek to ensure the longevity of our own operations and of your business, and to make a difference to people’s personal and professional lives. Sustainability at Dimension Data is about more than just being environmentally conscious: it’s about guaranteeing future success.


Our sustainability programme is based on three focus areas:

  • Our operations: carbon reduction initiatives in our own operations and sustainability accomplishments in the market
  • Sustainable solutions: the suite of solutions and services we offer to help you save on travel, energy and waste
  • Employee engagement: educating our employees and enabling them to  contribute to society and the environment

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