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Aveve Group

Video length: 2:20 minutes.

Europe | Belgium | Retail | Digital infrastructure

Network becomes a catalyst for rapid digital transformation

To continue their international growth, Belgium’s Aveve Group focused on centralising their network so that they could roll out new technologies and applications.

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With an outdated and decentralised network infrastructure, Aveve Group needed a cost-effective and simple way to roll out next-generation digital services.

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Aveve used high-calibre components, boosted with strong bandwidth capacities, to ensure that each of their 250 stores have consistent, high-performance connectivity.

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With a cloud-hosted networking solution in place, Aveve eliminated the cost and complexity offered by traditional on-site wireless controllers.

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Why Aveve needed to modernise and centralise its network

Aveve is one of Belgium’s biggest agricultural and horticultural players, with a strong appetite to embrace digitisation as it sweeps across the agricultural industry. But its outdated and decentralised network infrastructure was difficult and expensive to manage – preventing it from rolling out next-generation digital services.

The Aveve Group is one of Belgium’s most established agricultural and horticultural players, with its wholesale division serving a complex value chain of farmers and businesses, while in the retail space it operates 250 consumer stores. As the agricultural sector underwent radical transformation – with the likes of drones, connected sensors, genetic engineering and self-driving vehicles – they realised the importance of evolving the business and providing its customers with new digital services.

But its outdated and decentralised network infrastructure had grown organically and become difficult and expensive to manage. With point solutions at every site and shop, their infrastructure was starting to impede the firm’s growth ambitions, while preventing it from rolling out next-generation digital services. From a logistics perspective, their network caused headaches as it tried to control over a very complex ecosystem of partners and distributors.
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How Aveve redefined its digital vision

Aveve deployed a cloud-hosted networking solution, and high-calibre components at its hundreds of sites and stores. This gave network managers clear visibility over everything from network performance, to user profiles, in-store terminals, devices, bandwidth use and more.

Aveve’s 250 stores represent Belgium’s largest chain of consumer shops for gardening, animal, and baking services, with millions of consumers visiting the stores each year. To ensure consistent, high-performance connectivity in each of these locations, the team decided to deploy a cloud-hosted networking solution.

Using high-calibre components, their hundreds of sites were boosted with the strongest bandwidth capacities – with fibre links carrying traffic to the nerve-centre where all of the networking intelligence sits.

This gave them total control and deep visibility into network performance at every location, all managed from one environment. Network managers gained a clear view over everything from user profiles, to their in-store terminals, devices, bandwidth use, and more. All data is rolled up into powerful big data processing engines and recommendation tools to inform the evolution of the network.

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What innovations sprouted from the new network

Aveve eliminated the cost and complexity of traditional on-site network management, while gaining deep insights into every aspect of network performance. The network became the platform for exciting new services, including personalised services at kiosks, drones, wireless scanners, and more.

The solution completely eliminated the cost and complexity of Aveve’s traditional on-site wireless controllers. They dramatically simplified network management with powerful cloud-based tools, deep insights into performance, and ironclad security controls that are continually updated.

This next-generation network also became the catalyst for broader digital transformation. The team started exploring personalised consumer services and an array of new features on their interactive in-store kiosks. They’re now piloting connected wireless scanners in shops and warehouses, drones that track crop growth across vast geographies, and other exciting innovations.

The new network has quickly evolved from being a simple connectivity solution, to a true digital platform enabling the rapid delivery of new applications – all aimed at bringing further efficiencies to their operators or wowing their customers with new digital services.

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