Families should be together when they need it most

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Addressing the need to keep families connected

Facing the challenges of family upheaval

‘Because I was thinking, oh my goodness, what are we going to do?’

Anthea Anderson - Parent

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Why create a home away from home for patients’ families?

Keeping families connected often means keeping them close by

'It's nice to keep in touch with the outside world as well when you're stuck with a sick child and not necessarily able to get out.'

Anthea Anderson - Parent
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Whether in-person or through video calls

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Adults and children alike can access spaces to read, watch TV and play

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Networks enable parents to stay on track with work

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Reduced stress

Proximity to the hospital means parents are a quick call away

‘It’s not just a phone to us, it’s a vital connection to a sick child.’

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The wonder of technology

How a network keeps families together

‘It’s peace of mind for a family in crisis.’

Transforming supportive care in a digital world with…

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Digital infrastructure

Wired and wireless networks enable secure transfer of information and connectivity between families.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure.

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Digital workplace

The connectivity of an at-home workplace is just what parents need, faced with the reality of supporting a sick child.

Learn how you can embrace your employee workstyles with digital workplace.

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Authorised access systems ensure the safety of parents’ personal data using the house’s facilities.

Learn how your business can risk less and achieve more with cybersecurity.

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Striving for better recoveries

‘Dimension Data helped us work through all the challenges… they helped fulfil the dream we had.’

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How Ronald McDonald House is keeping families together through difficult times

How customer experience transforms healthcare

Digital healthcare

Read how healthcare is embracing
digital business

Understanding human experiences: the foundation of CX

The latest Global Customer Experience Report shows CX is the #1 strategic performance measure

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Another revolution in patient care