Forward-thinking business leaders are challenging their organisations to achieve transformation by harnessing digital technologies with organisational, operational, and business innovation to create new ways of operating and growing businesses.

Optimising IT infrastructure and operational processes through automation is key to successfully achieving digital transformation. Leveraging new technology models such as cloud and hybrid IT requires continued investment in people, process, tools, and technologies to enable businesses and their IT departments to differentiate, compete more effectively, and increase agility and productivity.

Flexible, scalable, and agile infrastructures are essential to support these new developments. Optimisation of infrastructure as well as operational processes will be table stakes for success.


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How we can help

 How we can help

Dimension Data’s Support Services consist of:

Using our Support Services improves the performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure, frees up your time for innovation, and accelerates your digital transformation.


Uptime Maintenance Support Services

 Uptime Maintenance Support Services

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​Uptime Maintenance Support Services keep all your IT infrastructure up and running – everywhere, any time – so you can accelerate your digital business.



​Multi-vendor management ​

Service level by device

​Fault management

​Subscription services

​Engineer to site

​Parts to site ​

Manage centre

​Advanced options

​Consultant on call ​

Service level management support ​


Licence renewals ​

Site based services

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Proactive Support Services

 Proactive Support Services

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​Proactive Support Services are advanced, automated services which optimise your in-house IT operations. They help you to improve operational efficiency, simplify management, save administration time, and proactively reduce service incidents.



​Availability monitoring and reporting ​

Capacity monitoring and reporting

​Asset tracking and analytics ​

Incident management ​

Manage Centre

​Advanced options

Availability recommendations

​Capacity recommendations ​

Problem management support ​

MACD support ​

Change management support ​

Version upgrades and patching ​

Access tracking and control

​Service level management support ​

IT service continuity support ​

Compliance support

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IT Service Integration

 IT service integration

​We can integrate your existing service management system with ours, so you can exchange ticket information with us, and we can liaise with your vendors and other service providers – all automatically – eliminating re-keying, double handling, and human error.


Integrated services free your time for digital transformation


‘25% of IT staff time can be saved across all categories of activity as a direct result of integrated service management.’ (Source: IDC)

Assess your IT infrastructure

 Assess your IT infrastructure

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Optimise your IT infrastructure and operational processes through automation which is key to successfully achieve digital transformation.


Take a few minutes and find out how you can optimise your infrastructure.


Start the assessment now!

Your support alternatives


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Your support alternatives


What’s the best way for you to support your IT infrastructure and achieve an optimised IT operation?



Do it yourself support, with multiple service providers

You can provide in-house support and manage multiple support service providers. But is this model sustainable, and can it deliver the standardisation, automation, and integration required for truly optimised IT operations?


Dimension Data’s Uptime and Proactive Support Services

We provide flexible support coverage and a choice of modular proactive support options that can be added based on your needs. We give you the flexibility to maintain control while offloading some of your day-to-day maintenance, support, and management functions to us.


Dimension Data’s Managed Services

From the data centre across the network and into the cloud, we offer best-fit Managed Services to meet your needs. We take over your day-to-day operations to enhance your IT and business functions, making your IT more agile and scalable.


Cultural compatibility



Why Dimension Data

 Why Dimension Data


Our expertise and delivery model

  • Expertise in over 150 countries across six continents
  • Globally integrated 3-tier service delivery model
  • More than 80 technology vendors supported
  • More than 700 security specialists and architects worldwide


Our industry recognition and certifications

  • 30,000 certifications across technology vendors
  • 630+ CCIEs – the largest number outside Cisco itself
  • Technical certifications with Avaya, BlueCoat, Check Point, Citrix, EMC, F5, Genesys, Juniper, Riverbed and others
  • ISO 9001, 20001, 27001, 27002 certifications across our Global Service Centres
  • Ranked by CIOReview as one of the 20 most promising IT infrastructure solution providers in 2016


Our record of achievement

  • Incident response is 69% faster, and repair time is 32% faster on networks monitored by Dimension Data (source 2016 Network Barometer Report). 
  • Support and management of more than USD 30 billion of networking infrastructure
  • Over 7 million assets under management
  • Just under 500,000 distinct client locations
  • 30,000 concurrent service level agreements.