Smart teaching builds a better world

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Transforming teaching in a digital world with…

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Managed services

We provide flexible managed services to help Westside Union School District improve the way their students learn, and reduce downtime.

Learn how you can deliver business outcomes through transformative, platform-delivered managed services.

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Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure

Creating a backbone for grades, attendance, and student data.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure.

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Digital workplace

Digital workplace

Instant access to data and resources creates a richer learning experience.

Learn how you can embrace your employee.workstyles with digital workplace.

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Changing learning for LA county’s largest schools district

Why tech makes a difference in a class

Empowered teachers create empowered students

‘There will be technology in the classroom. It’s the future.’

Shawn Cabey - Assistant Superintendent
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Immediate access to lesson materials and learning resources


Easily identify trends and weaknesses across grade level

Quality education

Teachers can focus on their students' needs

Equipping students

Students learn tech skills needed into today’s digital world.

Controlling doors centrally

‘That’s immeasurable safety in my mind.’

Regina Rossall - Superintendent

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Network uptime means more teaching

Access resources makes a difference in the classroom

'We're almost never down any more. That's the kind of fundamental improvement to the infrastructure that has really made a huge difference.'

Shawn Cabey - Assistant Superintendent


Data recovery

Virtual servers

Support tech in class

Digitally transform your business

‘It’s important for kids to understand the use of technology. It’s a tool to help you do things faster and smarter.’

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