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Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz

Video length: minutes.

Americas | Healthcare | Digital infrastructure

Network and virtualisation radically improve patient care

Using the latest network and virtualisation, Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) allows technology to play a key role in their patient experience.

Download this case study (pdf, 174.68KB)


One of Brazil’s largest hospital networks needed to modernise their entire networking landscape to keep up with patient and staff demands.

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HAOC deployed a next-generation networking solution, a new contact centre system, and a virtualised server environment, allowing for increased service availability and better control over the network.

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Resilient networks and fail-safe data storage has allowed HAOC to scale with ease while providing the best customer experience to their patients and employees.

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Why HAOC needed to modernise its infrastructure

Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) is one of Brazil’s largest hospital networks, but was hamstrung by an ageing, legacy network infrastructure that was unable to keep up with the demands of patients and medical staff. To improve the customer experience, HAOC needed to modernise their entire networking landscape.

Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) has 4,000 employees and 3,700 physicians across five offices and one major hospital centre in São Paulo. Having experienced rapid growth - establishing new specialist centres and expanding its operations - HAOC’s technology landscape had grown in a largely unstructured manner.

Its network infrastructure was based on ageing PBX and telephony equipment, which was unable to keep up with the high demands of patients and medical staff. It also prevented HAOC from embracing truly integrated and consolidated hospital information systems. It also provided very limited visibility into network performance and wasn’t able to capture rich data to inform better network design and decisions.

With average wait times of up to two minutes, and an unacceptable level of dropped calls, they weren’t able to give patients key information as quickly as they wanted. In order to provide fast and efficient responses, and serve patients with the information they require, they needed to modernise their entire networking landscape.

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How HAOC reimagined its network and improved productivity and patient care

The hospital network deployed a next-generation networking solution, alongside a new contact centre system, and a virtualised server environment based on the latest server technology. This allowed for full redundancy, solid disaster recovery plans, energy and space savings, cost savings, and better visibility and control over the network.

HAOC deployed next-generation equipment to increase service availability, decrease telephony costs, and set the foundation for advanced services to be added in the future. The new contact centre system allowed their frontline staff to better manage, schedule and route incoming calls. They were able to implement this new system within just 24 hours, as the teams came together to quickly learn how to operate the new system.

In total, the migration of the entire network - covering five sites and 1,500 endpoints - was complete in just three days. Their ageing legacy network was replaced with a highly-secure corporate wireless network, as well as a guest network for patients and other visitors.

They also modernised HAOC’s datacentre - migrating their outdated physical servers to an almost 100% virtualised environment based on the latest server technology.

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What HAOC is able to achieve with a modernised network and datacentre

HAOC’s thousands of staff, and hundreds of thousands of patients, benefited with a powerful, resilient network and fail-safe data storage that produce the very best customer experiences. This made it possible to scale with ease and to adopt the most advanced cloud-based hospital management systems in the future.

The hospital network saw an immediate impact. Average call waiting times fell from 2 minutes to just 30 seconds; and customers enjoyed improved service in all their interactions with the hospital group. The new technology architecture made it possible to scale with ease, as shown during its network expansion programme for a new branch: Referenciada Vergueiro. The teams designed a high-performance network for this site that seamlessly integrated into their core network and datacentre infrastructure.

The modernised network meant that there was no need for Referenciada Vergueiro to have local datacentres, servers, databases or storage infrastructure. The powerful, resilient network and fail-safe data storage using the latest virtualised architecture opened the way for new data-driven strategies and advanced hospital management systems. These nerve centres link up everything from admissions, to patient records, doctor engagements, theatre and specialist equipment usage, pharmaceuticals, billing, and medical aid interactions.

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