What keeps CEOs up at night in a complex and volatile business landscape? Business strategy requires more nuanced thinking than ever before. That's our focus in the episode of the Dimension Data Tech Exchange podcast titled How digital resilience will shape the future.

We speak to Alan Turnley-Jones, CEO of Dimension Data Middle East and Africa, about what he's learned from five months of engagements with other business leaders.

This includes areas of concern such as cybersecurity – a big challenge for the African continent – and energy supply, an issue which has been affected globally by the conflict in Ukraine but has escalated in South Africa in the past year.

Going into 2023, Alan also gives advice to CEOs as they grapple with issues such as hybrid working while trying to deliver the best service possible to their clients.

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podcase episode 8 - The CEO of 2023: How digital and resilience will shape the future

Alan was appointed as CEO of Dimension Data Middle East and Africa (MEA) in June 2022. He's a well-regarded strategic leader who has held various roles over his 23-year tenure at Dimension Data, including serving as a member of the Dimension Data MEA executive from 2013. Connect with Alan on LinkedIn.

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The Tech Exchange podcast examines Africa's technology landscape and the exciting possibilities of tomorrow. With industry experts, we connect the dots between the ideas, trends and solutions that are accelerating Africa's digital agenda in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Our host, Marisa Jansen van Vuuren, is the CMO of Dimension Data Middle East and Africa. She has built a reputation for creating and managing marketing programs that outperform industry and organization benchmarks for reach, reputation and revenue-creation. She is a firm believer that marketing is all about creating tangible value, and she has won multiple international marketing awards and accolades. Connect with Marisa on LinkedIn.