Modernising SAP


In today’s global marketplace, your SAP environment needs to enable your business processes and outcomes. All too often, however, inadequacies in the underlying SAP infrastructure result in poor system performance or availability, and the need for excessive manual administration. In addition, ageing infrastructure and poorly integrated technologies will limit your return on your investment.

​​The latest releases of SAP product offerings promise greater agility, speed-to-market, and flexibility. ​Yet, SAP applications demand a highly availabile and reliable infrastructure supported by rapid deployment strategies, low latency networking, and enterprise security. This means that re-platforming, migrating, and upgrading your environment can be disruptive, complex, costly, and therefore requires careful planning. ​​​​



As you look to deploy or modernise your SAP environment, you also need to ensure you can support a hybrid environment where cloud-based applications coexist and integrate with a variety of hosted SAP applications. Success requires a complete solution that ensures proper integration, data sourcing, and business process management.

Dimension Data offers end-to-end SAP service portfolios, designed to fit the needs of clients seeking integrated, hybrid, and traditional turnkey, next-generation SAP platforms that are certified and ready for HANA, S/4 HANA, and cloud deployments.

Dimension Data helps you simplify and improve the integrity and performance of your SAP environment, while controlling costs. We enable, operate, and transform IT infrastructures and business services to meet the needs of clients seeking integrated, hybrid, and traditional turnkey SAP platforms.

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With our services for SAP you enjoy the following benefits:​​​

  • improved integrity, agility, and availability of your SAP environment, at a lower cost
  • integrated infrastructure and application services for faster time-to-value
  • a simplified and right-sized SAP environment, fit for business needs​​
  • flexible sourcing and consumption models​​​
  • secure, flexible, resilient, highly available applications delivered either on-premise, in the cloud, hosted, or in a colocation facility
  • specialised SAP services at the right cost, in the right place, and at the right time
  • tiered disaster recovery services, designed for hybrid IT environments

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What we offer


Dimension Data believes that to successfully modernise your SAP environment you need to first focus on your business objectives, and then build an agile, optimised, and certified infrastructure that enables you to achieve them. Our SAP services include:​​​

  • Hosting services, on- and off-premise, and cloud-based services - We can plan, implement, and manage SAP in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.​​

  • ​​Managed services - We’ll optimise and simplify your SAP infrastructure to deliver superior performance while eliminating the need for you to focus costly resources on routine tasks.​​​​​​​​​

  • Migration and integration services - We can help you simplify and mitigate risk in your SAP modernisation projects with our extensive delivery, project, programme, and transition management expertise. Our services include consolidation, optimisation, migration, upgrades, and virtualisation services.

  • Consulting services - We’ll show you how SAP technology can enable agility, innovation, and transformation. Our consultants will help you develop a strategy and roadmap for a next-generation SAP environment, focusing on your business drivers, dependencies, and risks..​



Why work with Dimension Data?



We provide a full suite of SAP services including consulting, managed services and hosting, and cloud integration and infrastructure services.​


Some of the largest systems integrators in the world have standardised on our SAP platforms.

Our solutions are certified to support SAP NetWeaver, HANA, and S/4 HANA deployments for any size installation or consumption model.

We leverage our relationships with SAP, EMC, VCE, Cisco, NTT, and others to drive innovation and explore future SAP capabilities.​



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As part of the NTT Group we hold the following certifications:
  • Certified SAP partner​
  • SAP Global Partner
  • SAP Global Partner Certified Hosting
  • SAP Global Partner Certified Cloud,
  • SAP Global Partner Certified HANA Operations
  • SAP Global Premier HEC Partner​​​​​
We have:​​
  • 16 SAP certified worldwide data centres across six continents with regional SAP support for governance, compliance, and risk management
  • a proven global consulting and delivery methodology with local expertise in 58 countries​​​​​

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