Our children deserve a world in which animals roam free

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Why create a safe haven for rhinos and elephants?

Saving animals also means protecting communities

‘We are extremely proud to be part of the expansion of Connected Conservation into Africa, to save more endangered species.’

Karen Walker - Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco
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They’re part of our proud African heritage

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They stimulate job creation in communities

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They attract tourists and investment which helps protect wilderness areas

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They anchor the ecosystem for other animals and plants maintaining the biodiversity in which they live

What makes protecting rhinos and elephants so difficult?

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Manual security processes

Visitors and staff signed a register to enter reserve gates

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Basic access control

No digital security checks or identity scans before entry

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Remote location, limited communication

No mobile reception or data links, only landlines

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Lack of basic IT infrastructure

No network, data centre, or Internet access

Protecting animals by tracking people

The power of surveillance, data, and analytics

‘It is only through committed rangers and “boots on the ground” combined with the application of evolving technology that this success can be sustained’

Ian Craig - Director of Conservation, Northern Rangelands Trust
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CCTV/biometric scanning

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Wi-Fi and radio masks

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Thermal imaging and heat maps

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Data analytics

Expanding Connected Conservation into Africa in 2018

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More about Connected Conservation’s road to success

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Transforming conservation in a digital world with...

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Digital infrastructure

Digitising and analysing the entry and exit data of people visiting the park.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure

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Digital workplace

Multiscreen communications keeps rangers connected across multiple devices in all areas.

Learn how you can embrace your employee work styles with digital workplace

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Secure network and data flow eliminate the risk of information falling in the wrong hands.

Learn how your business can risk less and achieve more with cybersecurity

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Achieving the dream of zero kills

Expanding Connected Conservation in 2018

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