Enabling Government Agencies to Do More with Less

Government agencies at the municipal, city, county and state levels are under constant pressure to enhance the quality of the services they provide to their constituents while keeping operational costs in check. Whether applying for a permit, lodging a complaint or working through the criminal justice system, constituents demand efficient delivery of services and accurate answers to their questions with minimal wait times.

However, many government agencies have outdated technology that makes it difficult for employees to meet these expectations. The inability to communicate effectively and access information quickly causes inefficiencies and slows decision-making. It can also hamper government’s ability to maintain public safety and respond rapidly in the face of an emergency.

Dimension Data designs and implements IT infrastructures that use proven technology to improve communications, streamline operations and keep people safe. We specialize in data center technologies, networking, unified communications, digital signage, Connected Justice and other cutting-edge technology solutions that enable real-time collaboration and streamlined processes across multiple agencies and locations.

We also understand that every government agency has unique IT and operational challenges. Dimension Data can help you identify the causes of these challenges and develop integrated, network-based solutions that enable you to deliver critical services effectively and efficiently.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your government agency do more with less and meet the demands of your constituents.


About Us

 About Us


In our counties, cities and municipalities, local government provides the essential services that we depend on every day.  From public safety, to health and human services, each agency or organization is a unique eco-system of people, process and tools.  At  Dimension Data, we also understand that there are commonalities between government agencies.  Our local government experts have the experience to help your organization/agency better serve your constituents by leveraging technology solutions.

State government (and the agencies/departments that represent the state) has an important socioeconomic responsibility to the citizens they represent.  Tasked with government strategy, planning and programs, state government operates differently than the counties, cities and municipalities whom they serve.  As the steward of the people, land and resources inside, state government must leverage technology as they continue to face greater demand for constituent services.   Dimension Data helps state government organizations meet this demand while maintaining quality and safety.



  • Dimension Data helps the County of Santa Clara optimize services to their constituents

    The County of Santa Clara had a vision to revolutionize their processes with the transformation and modernization project. Dimension Data helped to make that happen.