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Dimension Data Healthcare improves clinical workers’ efficiency and effectiveness through the use of advanced technology, so patients and providers have a better healthcare experience. Dimension Data Healthcare is an industry focused vertical that engages with and develops solutions for payer, provider and ancillary services organizations.

Dimension Data Healthcare strategists, solution architects, consultants and engineering teams have extensive experience in critical healthcare industry environments, delivering access and information at the point of care. We have architected and implemented technical designs for hospitals, clinical data centers, even the Cisco LifeConnections Health Clinic.​





Dimension Data Healthcare’s project assurance methodology provides customers with end-to-end coverage to ensure their expectations are well defined and met at the project outcome. We know how to work with healthcare industry vendors to integrate their medical devices, applications and technology into an adaptable and available delivery system. We are currently working with over 200 healthcare organizations to help them achieve their goals. We are firmly committed to the technologies we sell and the clinical business solutions we innovate. Every technology solution we implement is built upon our first-hand experience and an unparalleled commitment to empower our customers with the ability to connect, collaborate and create effectively. 

For over three decades, Dimension Data has been finding ways to use ICT to make our clients’ businesses work better. With countless national awards and a best-in-class customer satisfaction rating, Dimension Data is a clear leader in technology integration, services and solutions.​

​​​​​​Enabling Transformation
Healthcare Business leaders have entered an era of unprecedented complexity and change. The challenges of running a successful healthcare business continue to intensify. Along with sustained regulatory pressures comes the need to improve operations, lower costs, grow revenue, and heighten patient satisfaction. In a competitive marketplace, finding ways to keep your patients/providers satisfied is an ongoing struggle. Yet, along with these challenges come exciting prospects and unexplored opportunities for increased access to care and improved clinical outcomes. Trends such as the consumerization of healthcare, value-based payment models, and advances in technology are opening the door to a world of possibilities. Now, more than ever, technology needs to be a catalyst for change, an innovation engine, while allowing for the reinvention of how care is delivered.





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  • ​Importance of efficiency and communication in perioperative operations
    ‘The biggest factors negatively affecting perioperative workflow efficiencies are lack of effective communications, and limited access to information.’

  • ​A saving of more than AUD 1.2 million by migrating to the cloud
    ​‘ Moving to Dimension Data’s cloud was a no brainer decision for us. The cloud services allow us now to be very dynamic, fast and flexible.’​​

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Alexander Forbes uses technology to change customers' lives by enabling their financial freedom
    ​​Partnering with Dimension Data means we don't have to worry about day-to-day IT operations. This frees us up to focus on what's really important to us: finding ways to better serve our customers, to address their financial service needs.