Pricing cloud pricing

 Our Public Cloud pricing

​Our Public Cloud optimized pricing plans are simple, affordable, flexible, and come with zero commitment.

With our compute optimized Public IaaS (formerly known as CaaS), you only pay for what you use.

  • Customise CPU and RAM for each server on the fly.  The amount used for each is up to you.
  • For servers that are in a non-running state (stopped), you only pay for the other resources you are still using, such as storage.  We don’t charge you for anything that is not running unlike some of our competitors.
  • If you delete a server, you stop paying for it. It’s as simple as that.

For more information regarding prices for all of our cloud offerings including as private and hybrid, get in touch with our cloud experts via web chat or by phone.

Read our full Public Cloud Rate Card

Service Level Agreement

 Service Level Agreement

​We realise that you need the cloud to run your business. Our Service Level Agreement was designed to give you the up-time, response and latency guarantees that keep you doing what you do best. 

As part of the Dimension Data Public IaaS (formerly known as CaaS) Terms of Services Agreement that governs Client's purchase of public cloud services, Dimension Data will meet the service level agreements set forth below:

  • 99.999% Network Availability (for all geographic regions)
  • 99.999% Server Availability (for all geographic regions)
  • 30 Minute Support Response Time Guarantee
  • < 1 ms Latency Guarantee

Equally important is that Dimension Data offers 100% service credit cap.

Read our full Service Level Agreement