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Woolworths surprises and delights customers with new cloud contact centre platform

Video length: 2:51 minutes.

Australia | Retail | Customer Experience

Unified contact centre platform provides a seamless customer experience across multiple channels

By creating a unified cloud-based contact centre platform, Woolworths improves customer relations, increases call agent productivity and satisfaction, as well as reduces operational spend.

Download this case study (pdf, 350.57KB)


Enhance Woolworths’s digital business capabilities, respond to the ways in which their customers want to interact with them, and drive efficiencies.

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Implement Contact Centre Technology-as-a-Service for an end-to-end solution. Workforce management software provides speech analytics and scripting options.

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A unified contact centre platform provides a seamless customer experience across multiple channels and efficiencies are improved.

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A proud home-grown Australian business

Woolworths is an Australian company founded in Sydney, Australia in 1924. The organisation’s guiding principle is: “every man, woman and child needs a handy place where good things are cheap”. Woolworth’s endeavours to live up to this vision by offering the best possible convenience, value, range, and quality to the 28 million customers it serves every week.

Woolworths has more than 3,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand that span food, alcohol, petrol, general merchandise, home improvements, and hotels. Woolworths is a proud, home-grown Australian business, employer of more than 198,000 people, and committed business partner of many thousand local farmers, producers, and manufacturers.

A seamless experience across different channels

Woolworths has two main contact centres in Australia and New Zealand, and more than 150 supermarket online agents who handle the approximately 4.1 million contacts to its contact centres each year.


Although it’s recognised for its excellent customer service, Woolworths realised that it needed to enhance its digital business capabilities, respond to the changing ways in which its customers want to be served, and drive efficiencies. To achieve these, it needed a single contact centre platform that’s scalable, agile, can respond rapidly to market changes, and provides a seamless customer experience across multiple channels – voice, chat, and email.


“One of the challenges we faced was that agents in different centres were on different telephony platforms so it was very difficult to cross-skill them,” said Anne-Marie Masterton, Salmat/ Woolworths NZ Contact Centre Manager – Woolworths.


The disparate platforms were unstable, and the partner’s agents charged on a per-minute basis. Woolworths wanted a consolidated contact centre platform, efficiencies, and cost reductions.


The organisation also wanted a platform that was agile and could meet its continued growth plans.


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An end-to-end solution for the future

Dimension Data’s Contact Centre Technology-as-a-Service provided an end-to-end solution comprising physical compute, storage, network, and carrier services. Cutting-edge contact centre technology from Genesys, Virtual Hold, and Verint was used to supply voice, email, web chat, assisted browsing, web call-back, call recording, and reporting. Workforce management software was also included to provide agent scripting and speech analytics.


The solution is delivered via a combination of Dimension Data’s cloud and managed hosting facilities, while the majority of the software and compute functions are provided on a consumption/price-per-unit basis.


According to Michael Slip, General Manager, CX and Communications Dimension Data: “The solution is a cloud contact centre platform with Genesys and Verint applications running on the Dimension Data cloud. It provides omni-channel experience, as customers shop in both a physical and digital way.”


“It provides us with the best capability in terms of workforce planning, routing, customer service and delivery,” continued Gerrad Hennessy, Senior Operations Manager – Woolworths.

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Improved efficiency, simplicity and the agents love it!

The cloud contact centre platform, with Genesys and Verint applications, provides a unified infrastructure platform for Woolworths’ contact centres in Australia and New Zealand. It allows the organisation to blend both agents and brands, and displays a full history of customer contact without the need to swap between email, voice, and chat systems.


“[The simplicity of the solution] means we’ve been able to focus on the customer and be less concerned about the system and how it works, as well as some of the complexities we faced with the previous systems. The agents can really focus on what the customer is saying and deliver them the answer that they need. It also allows us to multi-skill agents across brands,” said Gerrad Hennessy.


“This develops the agents and increases their sense of worth as they feel more valuable to the contact centre and, as a result, we are seeing improved efficiencies,” continued Anne-Marie Masterton.


The solution also provides a more-timely and consistent experience for Woolworths’ customers – a key factor as the organisation wants to maintain its excellence in customer service record.


“Staff love it because now it’s really simple for them to use. As an example, we only need to train them for one hour, from never having seen the technology to going live. The versatility of the applications also allows the agents to use prescriptive responses or develop their own favourite responses,” said Anne-Marie Masterton.

Measurable results for a better customer experience

 The cloud contact centre solution is already delivering measurable results for Woolworths, as well as tools to help it develop better insight into the customer experience.

“Even though it has only been in place for a limited time, the touchpoints for Woolworths online for email have reduced by about 40% and we are seeing a 5-10% reduction in average handling times, which has reduced per-minute costs. So, the intelligent routing that Genesys provides is directing customers to the right agent at the right time,” said Gerrad Hennessy.


“In the future, as demand changes, the contact centre platform can quickly scale to take on additional capacity, new brands, and new interactions. The solution also provides an extensive range of advanced analytics and insights to the customer experience,” said Michael Slip.

By moving the technology stack to the cloud, Woolworths can directly access this information and insights about the customer. This provides the organisation with a deeper and more accurate understanding of its customers’ experience, which facilitates improved decision-making.


Woolworths now has more powerful contact centre workforce optimisation capabilities that enables the company to utilise employees more efficiently. This allows it to reduce costs, in particular third-party, business process outsourcing (BPO) provider costs.


Additionally, Woolworths can now host internal contact centres (People Services) on its technology platform. This provides efficiencies for its smaller business units that couldn’t otherwise afford a premium solution.

Surprising and delighting customers 

Summing up the benefits and value of the solution, Anne-Marie Masterton said: “It’s efficient, the agents love it, it requires minimal training and it allows me to optimise my workforce by having people cross-skill, cross train and able to deal with three different channels.” “We definitely know that we have the infrastructure to surprise and delight our customers,” concluded Tzipi Avioz – Group Head Digital Commerce & Contact Centres – Woolworths Limited.

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